About our company

Tranquil IT is a locally owned and operated company in Austin, TX

We value the unique lifestyle that the city and its people represent. Also, we believe in a renewable conscious. In fact, all of our operating servers are powered by wind and solar power.

We also believe that a true consultant is not a salesman. We will assist you in purchasing your equipment and will not blindly mark every item up at least 30%. That’s a promise. The only thing we sell are solutions. Peace of mind is just a bonus.

As a Managed Service Provider, MSP, remote management for your infrastructure and end-user systems is our primary goal. Having the right tools to provide the best service comes with a price. We will share with you one of the most important thing we have learned through the years, cheap things are seldom good and good things are seldom cheap.

our advantages


Expecting a Suit and Tie to show up, not often with Tranquil-IT. Our engineers can conduct business and technolgy matters directly with you.

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on-site and
remote services

Being on-site helps your team intergrate with our team. Calm and responsive is a mantra you will hear from us no matter where we are working.

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service beyond
business hours

Our late night engineers manage support tickets and on-site work as needed. We are not a 24/7 company but we are working 24/7.

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Need it solutions?

just ask, we may have already done that

If you are looking for help in a current project or simply have a question we can help. We have two engineers that will answer and or help on the spot if you are stuck with any IT need. As for the rest of the team, they are dedicated to our clients.

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It’s been such a pleasure working with you and I’m extremely excited about moving forward and exploring our options for communication and technology for our company and our staff. I love how you listen and pick up on all the little nuggets and think about the BIG PICTURE!!!
We will Rock It together.....